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Klasseromsundervisning  Chemical Protection Suits testing and inspection (CPS1) (NOFCSCP1EN)

Learning Objectives

  • This 1 day /half day course focus on how to teach the users how to test and inspect their chemical protection suits.

Target Group

  • Customers


  • Participants need to have attended a SCBA2 or SCBA3 course prior.


  • Explanation of Visual inspection as part of yearly or 2-year inspection
  • Leak tightness testing as part of testing with a either automatic test device Quaestor 5000/7000 or manual test device Testor 2500/3500
  • Functional testing of ventilation systems
  • Explanation of cleaning, disinfecting and drying of the CPS
  • Change of the gloves
  • Different ways of storing the suits.
  • Accessories
  • ---
  • Equipment used (depending on equipment owned):
  • Quaestor 5000/6000/7000/8000
  • Testor 2500/3500


  • Recommended refresher course every 3 years.


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