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course.alt.type_seminar  SCBA Yearly Maintenance (SCBA3) (FIFCSBM3FI)

Learning Objectives

  • This course aims to teach users and maintenance personnel structure, function, daily and yearly maintenance of their own breathing equipment. This course is conducted over two days and focus on the most common Dräger models used in the market today, as well as associated equipment and product updates.

Target Group

  • For qualified fire brigades personnel performing daily and yearly maintenance on Dräger breathing equipment.


  • Fire brigades personnel experienced on doing maintenance on Dräger SCBA and customers owning suitable test equipment.
  • Only for specific customers approved by Dräger management.


  • The following topics will be covered in the course:
  • - Current regulations and recommendations
  • - Proper cleaning and disinfection of Dräger Breathing apparatus equipment
  • - Maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of Dräger Breathing apparatus equipment
  • - Test and control of Dräger breathing apparatus equipment using Dräger Testor and Questor 5000/7000
  • - Focuses on function for Lung Demand Valve and possible troubleshooting
  • Equipment used:
  • - Panorama Nova Mask
  • - FPS 7000 Mask
  • - PSS - series Lung demand valve
  • - PSS AirBoss Breathing Apparatus
  • - PSS 5000/7000 Breathing Apparatus


  • Recommended refresher course every 3 years.