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course.alt.type_seminar  SCBA Basic User (SCBA1) (FIGCSBABFI)

Learning Objectives

  • The objective of the course is to educate users of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) to work safely and securly in applications under breathing protection. Amongst others, laws and regulations, breathing principals, harzardous gases and vapours and the explanation of check, donning and doffing procedures is covered.

Target group

  • Employees from oil and gas companies who are working in hazardous areas with possibility of oxygen deficiency, explosion and toxics.


  • Affiliation with breathing apparatus / protection
  • Medical fit test report
  • Face fit test (optional, depends on local regulations)


  • Using a SCBA is a typical requirement for operatives who have to work in hazardous atmospheres and confined spaces. The training will provide the delegates with the ability to carry out pre-wearers checks, wearing and basic maintaining the breathing apparatus. The course also covers the practical use of this equipment and a written test to ensure a complete understanding of the course content.
  • Overview
    • Laws and regulations
    • Breathing principals
    • Hazardous gases and vapours
    • What is what
    • Pre-operational checks
    • Donning
    • Wearing
    • Doffing
    • Storage


  • Recommended refresher course every 3 years.