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course.alt.type_wbt  Dräger X-dock System User (Online Training) (FIJES015EN)

Learning Objectives

  • At the end of this training you should be able to:
    • know the functionalities
    • be able to carry out the installation procedures
    • be able to carry out the configuration procedures
    • be familiar with the daily use of the Dräger X-dock system

Target Group

  • Technical staff for portable gas detection devices


  • Intended use
  • Device features
  • Technical specifications
  • Hardware installation
  • Initial commissioning
  • Bump Test and calibration
  • Test procedures
  • Daily use
  • Basic maintenance
  • Summary
  • Final test


  • The completion of this Web Based Training will take about 60 minutes. You
  • will be asked to take a test at the end of the module. Once you have
  • passed the test, the module will be registered as completed. Please note
  • that you can repeat the module as well as the test as often as you wish.
  • Once you have registered for this module you can start the web based
  • training anytime. Therefore please log in to this online training catalog and
  • click on “pending courses”, then click on the green start button to begin.