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course.alt.type_wbt  Dräger X-am 8000 Multi-Gas Detection Device for Users (Online Training) (FIJES007EN)

Learning Objectives

  • Use the basic functions of the detector
  • Identify alarms and their meanings
  • Apply the pump
  • Understand the support wizards
  • Recall the basics of configuration & service

Target Group

  • Users of multi-gas detectors


  • Overview
  • Operation
  • Alarms
  • Usage with pump
  • Using the wizards
  • Configuration/Service


  • The completion of this Online Training takes about 30 min. It can be paused at any time and will start where you have stopped when you want to continue the Online Training.
  • At the end of the Training you will be asked to take a test. Once you have passed the test, the module is complete. You may repeat the test the test as often as you wish.
  • When you have registered for the Online Training you may start it any time. To do so please login in to the Online Training Catalogue and click on "Pending Courses" Click then on the green arrow head to start the Online Training.
  • Your successfull completion of the training will be transferred automatically to your training record.